Give new life to the hang tag.

By following zero-waste principle, we chose to use seed paper for our hang tags/care labels. Through that these labels get an extra opportunity not only to carry info, but to also be part of the nature again.

  1. Remove pin and ribbon

  2. Use whole seed paper or tear it to pieces to spread in a bigger flowerpot

  3. Place on soil

  4. Water the tag

  5. Make sure to put in a sunny place

  6. Check frequently to make sure the tag does not dry up

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How to take care of Your linen?

Machine wash at 30 degrees with a slow spin cycle (or no spin). Do not use clothes dryer. Hang to dry and iron when slightly wet, if You want a smooth outcome.

Linen fabrics have approximately 10% shrinking tendency. Stretch a bit after wash and they will be the same as before.