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Followed it



Collection “Followed it” is my autobiographical expression, which offers an extra show through light, using LED-texts, that combine the concept that the clothes are telling.

The prints, made by myself, for this line are a collection of three different images - a lightbulb, toothbrush and a straw. These objects  refer metaphorically to moments that we might take for granted whilst spending time with people that support us.

Throughout the collection I have used classical cuts that are adjusted to One size and follow the principles of unisex design. This gives an opportunity to lose a traditional measurement system that may cause negative effects on one’s self-esteem. One size also gives back some personal room, that has been lost, while living in a system that uses us as sponges.

Timeless – is also one important word to mention to understand the depth behind the line. Some of the fabrics are from Soviet times, that bring in a certain timeless character whilst combined with comfort oriented and Japanese influenced cuts. All of these techniques are combined to try to take us back to the very first idea behind the clothing – original purpose – to protect the body, whilst also giving the opportunity to express ourselves through them.



Opposites — city and nature, dark and light. I used blocks of colors while designing the coat to visualize the picture of our environment and how it is categorized mostly into two opposite spaces. At the same time all of us bring something “foreign” into the place we are in and this gives our contemporary identities stability.

I brought unisex idea into the design to balance out the block-system and to harmonize it. In addition the design presents adjustable length sleeves and small details that have been mostly lost in women’s design. For example the coat features breast pockets to give back some extra space and universality.