My design practice can be described through three concepts: one size, comfort and timelessness. The space between the skin and the fabric in the one size design gives the wearer added physical and mental space. Through added space the fabric falls into place naturally which grants comfort and creates a situation where each person creates a unique form of design by wearing the outfit. By combining the idea of the one size with the principles of the unisex,

I attempt to reduce self-criticism that is often related to the universal measurement system where the dominant desire is to express oneself through the standards which emphasizes sexuality. The added room and unisex design allow a person to express his or her’s inner sexuality which is very often suppressed in the universal measurement system through the objectification of the body.

Little details designed for comfort have a very important place in my practice. Through them I can give my clothes a more universal purpose and leave them independent of certain occasions and locations. For example sleeves with adjustable lengths add informality to a formal clothing item. The concept of timeless comes into my designs through classical cuts that are combined with comfort oriented details. This combination makes the clothes focused on their initial purpose which is to satisfy the practical needs of the person wearing them.

Every design has it’s personal story and through that has the touch of the designer in it. This gives the wearer an opportunity to relate to the concepts behind design. My design is for a person who is trying to define him or herself while searching for fine quality and meaningful messages behind clothing.

For me the clothes are something that should help us to define ourselves, but not the ones defining us.