Our design practices can be described through four concepts: earth-friendly fabrics, zero-waste, comfort and timelessness.

 All the fabrics are carefully selected 𑁋 to offer the best quality and feel. 95% of the fabrics we use are leftovers from the industry to give our contribution in the process towards a waste-free fashion.

 By following the zero-waste principle, there are no leftover fabrics or threads that we throw away. Every little piece is either used in the next design or as padding for unique accessories. Our mission is to give back to the environment by not leaving a footprint. Therefore, our designs are mainly one of a kind.

In our designs, we focus on comfort by considering the fabric’s natural movement 𑁋 through that, we leave extra space between clothing and skin as an opportunity to create physical as well as mental space for the wearer. Added space gives the fabric an opportunity to fall into place naturally. This creates comfort and the possibility for each person to create a unique form of design by wearing the outfit.

The added room and unisex design allow a person to express their inner sexuality which is very often suppressed in the universal measurement system through objectification of the body.

Little details designed for comfort have a very important place in our designs. Through them, we can give our clothes a more universal purpose and leave them independent of certain occasions and locations. For example, sleeves with adjustable lengths add informality to a formal clothing item. The concept of timelessness comes into our designs through classical cuts that are combined with comfort-oriented details. This combination makes the clothing focused on its initial purpose: to satisfy the practical needs of the person wearing it.

 Every design has its personal story and through that, has the touch of the designer in it. This gives the wearer an opportunity to relate to the concepts behind design. Our designs are for people who are trying to define themselves while searching for fine quality and meaningful messages behind clothing.